Who are we? We are land surveyors, civil engineers, planners, designers, zoning and building consultants to say the least. Remember: architects practice architecture and master the style and design of a house or structure. When it comes to the land, the property, the site, the landscape and the boundaries, who do you reach out to? Whether it is designing improvements to a large master estate, legalizing site improvements such as retaining walls, deck and other items, or subdividing a lot into mulitple lots or condominiums/townhomes- these are the types of projects that will require an expert land surveyor. It is crucial you come to a civil engineer and a land surveyor who can delineate the boundaries, easements, topography, zoning and building envelopes. Designing the 3D envelope that can make or break the development is essential.

As any professional, we reflect on who we are. We are the oldest and newest profession. In this country’s beginnings, many historic figures were land surveyors such as the following presidents: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson as well as the infamous Lewis and Clark and David Thoreau. Throughout the years, the land surveying profession has grown. As a licensed land surveyor today, we now use state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced instruments. We are part architect, engineer, surveyor and archaeologist. When it comes to the history of the lay of the land and use of the structure and whether grandfathering applies or not, we are a historian and lawyer. We are required to study and know the law, real property boundary, land use, zoning, environmental and not to mention general business law and pertinent case law.

We have to be multifaceted Land Use consultants. We are always here for your needs.


Everyone has a due diligence whether one is buying, selling or legalizing property. Whether it be a single person, a large family, company holdings from Montauk to Manhattan, single family homes to large estates and the highest of high rise buildings, real estate is the largest investment in anyone’s life. It is crucial to one’s investment to know what you see is not always what you get. The most important part in any transaction in real estate is timing. One must avoid delays, excess costs, rates and social issues such as boundary disputes to meet the deadline.

Today, many properties are complicated and distressed. Ensuring such properties are marketable and transferable is essential to a real estate professional’s growth and success. By simply providing a site or landscape plan or a potential subdivision yield map can multiply values immensely.